Our prayers have a begin date and time that did not start with us. Have you ever wondered that this was not the first time you heard this prayer? Was it maybe because you have been praying this prayer for the last three to four years? No, it was because you were given utterance as to what to say rather than you thinking about what to say and saying it. That's right when our heart and thoughts are GODs THOUGHTS, HOLY SPIRIT leads us in our prayers. How freeing it is to pray as we ought! This is what praying scripture does; saying what GOD said back to HIM expecting HIM to do what HE said HE will do! The LORD says in Isaiah 55:11 "so shall MY WORD be..it will not return to ME empty". When we pray WITH expectation (believing HE WILL) GOD IS READY to fulfill HIS PROMISE! (Jeremiah 1:12b) How can we not believe when we know GOD is FAITHFUL?

So when you are feeling discouraged, weary in prayer, become complacent and repetitious with your words, know that you need to spend time ALONE with GOD. GOD will refresh you and restore you to finish what HE started in you. The refreshing can be as simple as your worship of who HE IS reminding you of what HE HAS DONE. GOD could use another person who will pray with you or someone praying specifically for you when you are interceding.  Paul sends a letter of encouragement and warning to the Christians at Colossae.  In Colossians 1, verse 11, Paul reminds them of GODs GLORIOUS POWER, to strengthen them for all endurance and patience with joy.  Paul was in chains and could not deliver this message in person, however, he was compelled by the SPIRIT to write what was needed for them to persevere in the building of GOD's KINGDOM on the earth.  This letter even though written sometime around A.D. 62 still brings us encouragement to be strong and courageous in our faith as we continue to advance the KINGDOM of GOD on the earth. 

THE LORD will not put more on you than you can bear; TRUST GOD for HE WILL carry you through. ASK HIM and BELIEVE ON JESUS that GOD will do what HE said HE will do!  Here's my prayer i pray for my sons. I hope you find comfort in knowing "in GOD all things hold together"!



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