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Sister 2 Sister Prayers - My sister is not alone!

Today's Prayer: May my sister feel she is not alone. HALLELUJAH JESUS, THANK YOU LORD for your EVERLASTING LOVE! Have you been asked to pray for someone and your first thought was, "I got my own stuff happening to me right now. How can I pray for someone else when I need GOD for myself right now? Well I am here to tell you, this is the best time to pray!  I have realized in mature years that this is exactly when I pray the best prayers.  I know that sounds crazy, but when I need GOD more, this is when the prayer requests start flooding in.  This is when I know, I can't but GOD is MORE THAN [my] able.  HOLY SPIRIT is a gift to us to do the heavy lifting.  When we surrender whatever is weighing on us to GOD, that is when HE steps in and handles it.  Now don't think you don't have to participate, because we do.  We have the following parts in this:  TRUST GOD, PRAISE GOD, WORSHIP GOD and BELIEVE.  You can't fake your way through this.  GOD sees and knows our heart

Sister 2 Sister Prayers

How do you feel when a sister-in-CHRIST prays for or encourages you?  If is one of the most beautiful feelings I am blessed to experience on almost a daily basis.  Enjoy this prayer that was shared with me. I want you to be abundantly blessed in every area of your life in 2024, so I am praying and sharing with you to keep this intercessory prayer flame burning.   Won't you stop and pause and pray this for your beloved sister?  And when you have done that, pray for a woman you don't know that lives in another country.  I did and I thank you for doing the same. ... Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. - John 13:34 #PrayingForMySisters • #Sister2SisterPrayers • #iCU365 Sisterhood