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S.W.A. - SelfCare Without Apology

SelfCare Without Apology This has been a season of stay home orders and new routines.  I admit it has been challenging and at times overwhelming. I had worked hard for over 365 days to establish a self-care plan that keeps me well, whole, and true to my goals.  I refuse to lose the effort I have applied to my self-care over what has been happening in the world. I have empathy for the fear, anger, uncertainty, injustice, not being heard, being misunderstood that our black boys and black men are experiencing.  How long does the black man have to go unheard or have a prominent seat at the table where conversations lead to action?  This is another conversation for another day but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TODAY, starts beautiful NEW MONTH, and I have chosen to resolve that GOD remains in control and I will be part of the solution to eradicate hatred with the LOVE OF GOD!  iPRAY365 to the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS that every person is consumed to overflow with the SPIRIT OF GOD th