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Prayer Genealogy

This year, 2018 has brought forth new beginnings for many of us.  For others, it has brought forth the manifestation of our dreams and answers to our prayers!  Do you have a 20-year plan?  Why not? Are you satisfied with got your meal plan done for this week?  Well, let me tell you, this is why you don't have a 20-year plan done.  You settled for what you can do, manage, and control.  It is probably likely you don't dream much either.  When we dream we are seeing things that we don't have in a realm where we do have.  If your dreams are realized when you awoke, what would you do differently?  Would you dream more? Would you begin to plan for life out further than what you currently do?  YES! Why because you would believe you could have, could be and could do without fear. You would open yourself up to "what you could" a.k.a. your potential for the GREATER! So what keeps us from operating from our potential? Do you recognize any of these shackles: fear, "t

#ValentineReset 2018 with Ruth Zubairu

You ARE #LoveAcceptedChosenKnown! 

Purposed Driven Life Day #37 - Chapter Review

Your Life Message includes your testimony, life lessons, sharing your godly passions and the GOOD NEWS!  #GoTellSomebody

Purposed Driven Life Day #36 - Chapter Review

You Are Made For a Mission # Matthew  28:18-20,  # Mark  16:15,  # Luke  24:47,  # John  20:21 and  # Acts   1:8 The MOST important thing is that I complete my mission, the work that LORD JESUS gave me.  My mission two-fold; shared and specifically unique to me.  The cost to fulfill my mission is that i forsake all other missions (agendas) and accept THIS MISSION for my life. This mission is guaranteed an experience and rewards far beyond what i could achieve alone.