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ENOUGH is Enough...No Turning Back-Day 31!

Do you recall the movie "Enough" starring Jennifer Lopez as the working-class waitress "Slim" whose life was transformed when she married a wealthy contractor played by Billy Campbell?  In this movie, it was clear when ENOUGH was enough when Slim's mindset changed and the actions that followed. When is ENOUGH, enough for you? It is not the same for everyone. Even when you think you have had ENOUGH, somehow you continue doing the same thing. WHY? Because you only have had "SOME" of ENOUGH.  When you have had ENOUGH of ENOUGH you will take action and never look back. Well, my ENOUGH of ENOUGH came when the doctor told me i would be taking a pill every day for the rest of my life because i was PRE-diabetic, overweight and a HIGH RISK due to family history and being African American.  Well,  i SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  That was the day my journey officially began.  I drew a CIRCLE around it as i was not claiming this to be so for my life! The LORD GOD is

Praying One Accord for our Children & their Schools


Change...EVER BEcoming

I am SOOOOO EXCITED!  In August, i started a #100day walking challenge AND  i am STILL walking a minimum of 30 minutes EVERYDAY!  Actually, i am in #my2ndQuarter.  How is this possible? This is definitely not my first rodeo at starting a wellness/fitness challenge.  So why is it working this time?  In order to see the change i want to see, i must FIRST make a commitment.  SECOND, be accountable to someone other than an app or blog post and THIRD, have a celebration team of authentic people you understand how to authentically CELEBRATE U 365 and FINALLY remain flexible to make adjustments when necessary and YESSS THERE WILL BE.  To BE the change i want to SEE, it will require me to do something(s) differently.  According to Merriam Webster dictionary, one definition of ever is always .  I am must interested in my state of "BEing" in my life's journey...the daily transformation into the likeness (image) of JEHOVAH GOD, our CREATOR. Mark 11:24 #PRAYandBELIEVE 🙏 #BE

Impact Of The IceBreaker

Have you been in a meeting or gathering where you didn't know anyone?  One way the leader or host can help people to know one is to use an "icebreaker".  The purpose of the icebreaker is to "break the ice" to ADD VALUE (give GRACE) to the hearer.  This added value levels the playing field and allows the hearer access to bring their added value to the meeting or gathering.  Icebreakers welcome you into the conversation with gentleness and in love.

Divine Connections

Courtesy of Moms In Prayer International's Blog:  " Present in Every Generation " CLICK HERE In moments of anxiety, we entrust our prayer requests into GOD's care with the help of another believer. The exchange for peace of mind is made but the request may not be forgotten; especially by the one to whom it was entrusted  until answered.  


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My #100Days Stress Protest

#GirlTrek #StressProtest   My Day 15 of #100Days | John 17:22-23; Mark11:24  Are you sick AND tired of the yo-yo weight issues, mental health issues, striving instead of thriving, missed opportunities, poor eating and sleeping habits, and memory loss of your dreams/goals? WELL I AM TOO!  FOLLOW ME or you are more than welcome to join me on a 100-day journey to doing YOUR LIFE WELL or how i like to say, "Living The Celebrated Life 365". On this journey, don't settle for making time for YOUR self-care but rather TAKE IT! You have already exchanged YOUR self-care to a bad habit or have forgotten this was a priority that now it is on the back burner or possibility no longer on the stove. Make TODAY your DAY ONE and together we finish WELL...mind, body, and spirit! BELIEVE for we WIN!  IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! ~AnnettaS. 🦋 #Believe #PrayerWalking #PrayerMountain2018 #Fitness #Wellness #Wholeness

Evil in Attractive Packages

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