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Prayer Conversations

If you can't join LIVE on Saturdays, watch Prayerful Conversations OnDEMAND on the iCelebrateU365 YouTube channel for a  Prayer Conversation or Devo with THE WORD and MORE! Saturday's Conversation

Empowerment & Hope

EHS SEPTEMBER 2017..."HOPE" WOWWWWW what a powerful TWO days of intense content that was provided to authors, apsiring authors, writers/bloggers, entrepreneurs, and faith leaders along with  the tools, resources, and marketing strategies to EMPOWER each of them to find AND reach their target audience. Each speaker provided relevant content as each were subject manner experts in their areas of Spiritual Discipline, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Mentorship and Business Coaching. It was the unique delivery in which the content was delivered that had immediate impact on all in attendance to include virtual attendees. The HOPE segment " Staying Hopeful to Grow Successfully" was presented by yours truly, Annetta Works Salley. This was NOT a talk or presentation about having HOPE.  Rather it focused on three things the attendee could use to evaluate their current HOPE:  1) The COMPASSION for a need that enables COMMITMENT to a vision, 2) What happens when CALAM