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NOW Pray

GOD is FAITHFUL to hear us when we pray.  BE intentional to stop and pray and then continue to pray throughout your day. 💜 Read the full blog post is HERE !

The Marvelous Beauty of YAHWEH

 WELCOME TO MAY There is so much beauty around us, that this month, I personally invite you to join me to behold and rest in it.  Let us fix our hearts, our minds, and our souls on the one thing;     THE MARVELOUS BEAUTY of YAHWEH. Here’s the one thing I crave from YAHWEH,  the one thing I seek above all else:  I want to live with HIM every moment in HIS house,  beholding the marvelous beauty of YAHWEH, f illed with awe, delighting in HIS GLORY and GRACE.    I want to contemplate in HIS TEMPLE.    ~ Psalm 27 v 4 ~