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Prayer Genealogy #2

I am encouraged every day to PRAY!  Praying is two-way conversation.  ABBA FATHER desires to speak into my life and when i don't show up, i miss out!  This is why i am encouraged to take time to spend in HIS PRESENCE!   SPENDING TIME with ABBA FATHER is always is fruitful and refreshing. Be intentional about your time of refreshing.  We are on GOD's calendar every day; keep your appointment.  # iCelebrateU365   💚 🌱 💜  

Nurturing GREATNESS!

Proverbs 21:30   New Century Version (NCV) There is no wisdom, understanding, or advice that can succeed against the Lord. Principle -  God is God and I am not! Children model what they see, teens model what they feel.  So what is the best way to nurture the GREATNESS in them?  Click&Read this YouVersion devo -->   Parenting Principles

Psalm 121

Meditate on Psalm 121