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My SelfCare Check-in

Today is my self-care check-in. It is the day i am accountable for sharing with another woman about my well-being. It's authentically sharing where i am in my healing. It's not about my journey, it's about letting someone who genuinely cares about me know my current mental health well being. There is no judging. I simply have a safe place to communicate where i am and what i am doing to get what i need. No this is not the "dump on" but rather the sister touchpoint that allows me NOT to be silent or do it alone. It is how i'm doing and keep it movin'. It's easy to vent, dump it and leave without a plan of action. That's not fair to you or the person you unload on. Yes, i agree there is a time AND person for that type of conversation, but this self-care check-in is NOT it. This person is someone who has agreed to support my healing plan as a listener and encourager; not the fixer, dump pile or the clean-up person. My action plan has the resources i c

Sunday School Lesson - Calling The Lost

Sunday School STILL Rocks! This week's Sunday School support is again brought to us courtesy of "That Sunday School Girl" (TSSG). I praise GOD for this beautiful gift to the BODY OF CHRIST! TSSG notes are available via a link on the YOUTUBE channel. This video is designed to ADD value to YOUR PERSONAL #SundaySchoolLesson preparation.  You must do the work to reap the harvest of a fruitful delivery. GOD will be honored, your students edified and you will be strengthened when you make an intentional effort in your lesson preparation. Proverbs 8:17 King James Version (KJV) 17 I love them that LOVE ME, and those that SEEK ME early SHALL find me. Have a GREATER DAY!  #iCelebrateU365 only with the ability and the capacity i have in JESUS to do so!