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Doing Hard Well

 Life isn't always easy but GOD is faithful to ensure we can do it well even when challenged by our life situations.  BEncouraged because GOD gives HIS GRACE and new mercies every morning to us to endure.

World Teachers Day

My Sunday School Primary and Junior Class Teacher (Christine Gee) and Elementary First and Second Grade Teacher (Ruth Eubanks) fervently taught their lessons with inclusivity, love, and certainty. They commanded respect and your attention with clarity. They made you want to engage. There were no silly or dumb questions. In those early years, I was always asking questions and following up with "WHY". 😆 I only recall one black male classroom teacher in my school years but today there are many more.  Teachers like mine (Gee and Eubanks) are making a difference today all around the world!  My teachers convinced me that nothing was impossible.  HOW???   Both ladies lived their lives with intentionality which provided me evidence that when I purposefully engaged with (exercised) faith in GOD for what I could not do or see yet for me, all things meant for me were possible.   GOD has a plan for our lives and no matter what our current situation, HE can work through it to pros