Sister CheckIN - Boundaries

Well you can hear about them, talk about them, preach to others about them but i have learned the hard way it nothing until you LIVE IT!


Transparency...I really thought it was an obligation to fix others! i thought if i knew what to do or had what you needed, then i had to fix it. My heart was pure in my intentions as i didn't think i was better than anyone. I just thought if i had it then i was to fix it. Thus putting me on a crazy spiral of trying to anticipate other's needs.

I was ALWAYS thinking, where could i go to help (fix) somebody. If i have it, SURELY it was meant for someone to have. #anxiety

WELL DELIVERANCE came! It has and never will be my job to fix anyone...ain't you glad?  Now in all honesty, this only applied to my family and those i thought would let me...okay everyone i encountered. LOL 🤣🤣HELP HER.

As a JESUS Discipler, Titus II Woman and Life Coach i know i am a facilitator of what ONLY GOD can do. As a #SelfCareAdvocate i create and/or support the #CommunitySafePlaces for #healing and #RadicalGrowth to take place. As a #Friend, i am committed to love you with the GRACE and LOVE from GOD to be fully present when you need me but when i am not, i pray and TRUST GOD who ALWAYS is.  i am LIVING #TheCelebratedLife365 ...a.k.a. Trusting GOD from my safe place. #iPRAY you are or ready to do so.

Mark 11:24 The Passion Translation (TPT)
24 This is the reason I urge you to BOLDLY BELIEVE for whatever you ask for IN PRAYER—BELIEVE that you have received it and it will be yours.


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