Sister CheckIN - Start and Stop and Start Again...

🙋🏿‍♀️#SisterCheckIN - My Wednesday was a full day of starts and stops and starting again which means i breakup my 30 minutes in 10-15 minute increments to get my 30 minutes done. As i no longer put me on the back burner, not doing my #30mins5xWeek is #NOLongerAnOption i entertain or accept. This was a problem for me, as i would tell myself, "If you don't do 30 minutes straight it doesn't count." WOW was i hard on myself or what?! 😬#crazyThinking

Living free of #perfection, my focus is #showingUp365ForMe. The return on my investment is yielding tangible results i didn't realize were possible for me to achieve. i am better informed of #myNeeds and i'm enjoying the added value this plan of action has brought to my MENTAL and HEART health well-being. The STRESS PROTEST continues as i live #TheCelebratedLife365 💚🦋💜 
Mark 11v24 - #iBelieve


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