From Our Front Doors...

Never ask permission to save your own life!  Join me and over 300,000 Black women everywhere as we hit the streets to celebrate Harriet Tubman's legacy on November 1st.  From our front doors, we will walk 30 days straight, as collective action, a powerful intervention and accountability to put ourselves back at the top our to do longer on the back burner.  There is a silent health crisis facing Black women.  Just behind the very public violence waged against our communities, Black women are dying silently from chronic stress, debilitating depression, crippling loneliness and exploitative labor.

Harriet inspires us to take action.

We will mobilize a million Black women to walktalk and be a lifeline to one another by 2020.
YOU ARE INVITED.  Be COUNTED...Commit, Connect AND Walk #weareharriet and #iCelebrateU365

Click HERE and let's pray, with Co-Founder, T. Morgan Dixon, a prayer for Black women's health.

Celebrating my induction into the Harriet Tubman Hall of Fame!


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