Rise Up Today!

March has been all about movement for me.  It has been full of activities that I am passionate about.  I have been celebrating the matriarchs of my family, participating in Women's History Month education sessions, mentoring and coaching mothers, and supporting community youth programs.  The ONE THING I am passionate about is creating safe spaces for women to move from the ordinary to their EXTRAORDINARY, aka GROWTH; that's right upward and forward movement!  This is all I think about, breathe, and yes even dreaming about it.
You see when you are intentional about relinquishing your time and space for the things that you are passionate about, you will then explore and discover the endless opportunities there are to solve problems.  Where once you may have seen them as challenges too big to overcome, you now see them through the lenses of your passion and feel drawn to solve them.  

So what keeps us from moving forward in our passion to solve problems?  For some, it could be finding the people or resources meant to help you solve the problem.  This is why you can no longer wait for someone else to do what you were created to do.  It is inside of your DNA to make a difference using your voice and influence.  You can no longer remain silent.  

Women's History Month reflects on the women, who despite the odds, got up and walked out their front doors, raised their voices, and used their influence to make a difference that is still impacting the lives of people today.  TODAY, we can decide to do the same thing. ARISE, let the world know you are ready to make a difference, and then do it!  Next year, I look forward to seeing you among the many women who decided TODAY to RISE.

Need help getting your message ready to share, contact me when you are ready to RISE.  Click the link below to book a 30-min session with me.  You are worth the investment of your time and energy to take care of you. 


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