NEW • "Communicate & Collaborate Spaces"

The Summer is usually the onset of when we pause the routine and enjoy book reading, family time, travel and adventures. This summer, I have created spaces for communicators, creatives, ESL high school and college students, entrepreneurs/small business owners, and first-year teachers to come and further develop their communication skills.

These spaces are designed to explore new ways of conveying your passion in a clear and succinct way by which your message is received as you intended. These are not lectures but interactive presentations that create space for you to utilize the content immediately. Feedback will be provided upon request.

The primary benefit of the "Communicate and Collaborate" workshops is that YOU are the focus and YOU have a safe space to engage as much as you need and the freedom to learn.

HERE is the link for more details about the "Communicate & Collaborate" Twitter Spaces and Workshops to support you in building your confidence and for the enhancement of your communication skills.


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