The Practice of Thanksgiving in Community "Gratitude Unleashed"

'Tis the holiday season indeed!  On Sundays, in the month of December, I have joined my voice with others in community to continue "The Practice of Thanksgiving".  The different expressions of thanksgiving does not cease to amaze me.  Join the space called "Gratitude Unleashed"this month LIVE on "X" spaces at 5pm CENTRAL / 3pm PACIFIC or at your convenience.  Just don't cease from your practice.  The value added to you and to others is amplified in the daily practice.  

Here are the replays and upcoming spaces...

SUNDAY “X” Spaces - Gratitude Unleashed with HOST iCelebrateU365 (Annetta)

12/3 Space

Gratitude Unleashed for December 24th @ 5pm CENTRAL Time

12/10 Space

12/17 Space
Gratitude Unleashed for Sunday, Dec 17th at 5pm CENTRAL Time

12/24 Space

Gratitude Unleashed for December 24th @ 5pm CENTRAL Time

12/31 Space
Gratitude Unleashed for December 31st @ 5pm CENTRAL Time

Gentle Reminder
when you think about GOD Goodness, Faithfulness, Steadfastness, Sovereignty, etc.,
 you will thank HIM. So before you complain...


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