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PRAYER MOUNTAIN (Est. 2018) - HALLELUJAH i PRAISE GOD for the NEW OPPORTUNITIES to PRAY, DISCIPLE, EDUCATE, ENCOURAGE, TEACH, SERVE, SPEAK and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the areas of Black Women's Health, Christian Education and Mental Wellness.

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Living Fit and Well programs and events were created and deployed in a variety of formats. All programs are designed to meet the needs of the community, group/ministry, or an individual.

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See current celebrations on AnnettaSpeaks365 (Instagram). 

Click HERE for my Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas 5K GirlTrek

REJOICE with me! TODAY is my Day 100 of #100Days walking! 

My Day 91 of 100! #OptToWalkNotShop #BlackFamily5KTrek

I Am GRATEFUL Devotional!

I so enjoy having conversations with millennials. WHY? Because they enjoy sharing and encouraging one another with words that have real meaning.

Click the link and WATCH THIS---> We are saying the same thing!

October 1st-9th...PrayerTREK was FRUITFUL!  #FruitOfTHESPIRIT

GODs Gurl - Titus Woman Conference


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