About Me

Annetta Works Salley is a Christian Educator, SelfCare Life Coach, United States Army Veteran, Toastmaster Leader, and Podcaster. Annetta's education, training, and community experience serve and support the areas of Christian Education and Discipleship, Black Women's Health and Wellness, Grassroots Organizing, Customer Relationship Management and Service Training, and Administration. 

Annetta's expertise supports the strengthening of individuals, families, and community/faith groups in 1) Engagement, 2) Empowerment, 3) Encouragement and 4) Employment of their unique divine gifts.

Annetta is committed to teaching, praying, and inspiring others to LIVE the CELEBRATED LIFE in Purpose on Purpose graciously, bravely, and most importantly, aUthentically.  Annetta joys in helping women create safe spaces to heal, live well, and celebrate in their sacred places, without apology.

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